DID YOU KNOW – A common slug eater eats snails and slugs. It extracts snails from their shells through the shell opening, or by smashing the shell against a rock while grasping the soft body in its jaws.



Rehabilitation Centre patients – The rehab centre had a call from a local farmer this month asking us to take on 5 jackal pups as they are considered a pest to farmers. We of course agreed and picked up the 2 week old puppies. We will need to keep them for up to 10 months before we can release them back into the wild.

Amazing sighting – One of our school groups saw three serval kittens whilst out monitoring, a sighting seen by very few people. These have to be the cutest kittens out!


Hippo carcass – It’s not often a large mammal is found dead of natural causes on the reserve, but this month a sub-adult hippo was found near the river line, having died from injuries sustained in a fight with a stronger male. Our southern pride didn’t take long to find the carcass and dominate it for just under a week, before other scavengers were allowed a look in.