PROJECTS to Inspire.


While Africa beats at the heart of our organisation, we are proud to present our global portfolio which allows groups the opportunity to expand their horizons, explore nature and above all, embrace worldwide adventure.

From Asia to South America, we are excited to welcome a whole host of new experiences to our ever-growing selection of travel projects – now expanding our reach to all different corners of the world, including Greece, Sri Lanka, Scotland and Namibia.

Not only do we provide some of the most sustainable projects in the industry, we also pride ourselves on our unique trip management. By using our extensive expert knowledge in the field to simplify the process of organising your group travel, we allow you to focus on the important task: preparing for your next global adventure!

Whether you’re looking for conservation research, rainforest treks or the Scottish highlands – we’re here to tailor the perfect experience for you.

Our Locations​

Our ethos is simple:


Global Reach | Adventure for All | Projects to Inspire



We believe that the world is there to be explored – that’s why we’ve expanded our selection of projects, delivering a range of new destinations that are just waiting to be uncovered.


We’re here to encourage students to seize the day and experience everything which this incredible planet has to offer – whilst making new friends and unforgettable memories along the journey.

PROJECTS to Inspire.

Our mission is to create projects which captivate minds in totally unique and unexpected ways – enabling students to gain ‘in the field’ experiences which just aren’t possible within the confines of the classroom.

“Conservation and sustainability is at the core of everything that we do – providing the trusted link between study and ethical action”

Explore our network of Global Adventure Projects:

Africa Group Projects

Unlock the inherent beauty of Africa and discover its extraordinary ecosystems. Learn all about the importance of conservation by working alongside our expert veterinary teams or alternatively, venture into neighbouring communities to coach sports to local children. With so much to offer, Africa continues to be our true passion project.

Sri Lanka Elephant and Wildlife Project

Get up close to the magnificent elephants, working alongside conservation experts to research their day-to-day behaviours and the environments in which they reside. For creatures slightly smaller in scale, visit the Butterfly Sanctuary or learn about the ecological role of small wild cats. Known for its diverse wildlife, Sri Lanka is an essential trip for any animal lover. 


Greece Marine Conservation Project

Gain extraordinary hands-on experience working alongside a team of expert conservationists to protect Kefalonia’s endangered population of loggerhead sea turtles and monk seals – at home in their natural habitats. With its vast array of incredible marine life, make Greece your next go-to destination.

Costa Rica Group Conservation Project

Experience the biodiversity capital of the world in all its tropical glory – patrolling for sea turtles, hiking through rainforests or bathing in the thermal baths of the central hills. A must trip for any budding conservationist, unearth all nature has to offer in striking Costa Rica – joining the mission to protect its one-of-a-kind ecosystems.

Scotland Highlands & Wildlife Expedition

Stay close to home but none the less central to inspiring conservation efforts – this time, in the highlands of Scotland. With its diverse terrain, Scotland provides the perfect landscape to learn the role we must play in protecting our local wildlife. Whether you’re tracking species or monitoring their habitats, visit Scotland to discover what we can do to help.

Cornwall Conservation Project – Land & Sea

This programme is designed to give students an educational conservation experience and a chance to see a whole new part of the UK. Working alongside seals, dolphins, beavers and owls this hands on educational experience will leave students motivated and passionate about the UK’s conservation efforts on a global stage.

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