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Sport has a huge role all across Africa and is integral to building communities and encouraging confidence in young children. Based in Ghana and South Africa, our volunteer coaching projects have elements of community involvement, but the emphasis is placed on working closely with individual children, developing their skills whilst enhancing your own.

Whether you’re at the beginnings of a career coaching sports, or just want to make a difference, coaching abroad provides experiences and opportunities you’d be hard pressed to find at home. Choose from a number of different teach abroad programs including football coaching in South Africa or netball, hockey and rugby in Ghana. Develop your teaching skills whilst giving something valuable back to these communities.

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Football Coaching in South Africa

Your role as a volunteer football coach in South Africa will be to run and supervise all training and football matches for the players in the local townships and schools in the surrounding area. Unless you are used to training young children this may sound like a daunting task however you will soon realise the local children whom you will teach are desperate to absorb your skills and knowledge of the game.

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Hockey coaching in South Africa

Working as a volunteer hockey coach in South Africa, you will run and supervise training and matches for local players from local townships and schools around Port Elizabeth. You will train players from all age groups, from junior to senior school. No matter what their age, you will find students are hungry to absorb your skills and knowledge of the game.

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Rugby coaching in Ghana

Our Rugby Coaching projects provide you with the opportunity to work with local townships and surrounding schools to develop and improve their rugby players. The project is designed to develop alongside you – we’ll start you out helping to organise training clinics and building up to matches for the younger players, keeping in line with the development of your confidence and skills and building relationships with the players you will be coaching.

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Netball coaching in Ghana

On this sports coaching project you will be working with Netball players largely centred around the local townships and surrounding schools. Netball truly is one of Ghana’s next up-and-coming sports and there has been a significant increase in the number of players joining the sport in the last few years.

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