Last week we went for a camp out on the main reserve. We collected some fire wood, packed our sleeping bags and food and off we went! On arrival we made the fire and Konrad ran through the rules of camping in a Big 5 area . . . one of the most important being to have FUN! The funniest part was probably when Henry asked where the tents were . . . no tents Henry! No pillows, no mobile phones, no iPods, no luxuries. Just us, under the stars. Each member of the group was given a shift time in which they had to stay awake and listen out for danger in the conservation in Africa.

The weather was great and Bryne did an amazing braai. Everyone also cooked their own stick bread on the fire. During the night the conversation flowed from the Bush lady and ghost stories to time travel and our most embarrassing moments. The laughter kept most of us awake (accept for Sandra who fell asleep in the chair before night fall) until around 1am and then the shifts kicked in. In the distance we heard the roar of lions and throughout the night we could hear it getting closer, but luckily not into our camping vicinity.


One thing is for sure, after a night in the bush there is nothing better than a shower and a cooked breakfast in the morning!