As yet another month draws to a close we are starting to see a dramatic change in nature with the warmer weather we have been experiencing. Greenery is starting to show everywhere and more and more colours are seen with all sorts of flowers starting to bloom again.
The animals are also enjoying the warmer conditions and a lovely sighting was had when the whole herd of elephants were swimming in a dam, the little calf really enjoyed the experience especially when she discovered she can roll down the hill into the water. Mom had to stop the games later on when the bigger bulls also wanted to start playing and one could clearly see that she is the matriarch as they obeyed her instantly when she gave a quick rumble.


Then of course there are the new lion cubs, which are getting big very quickly. They are going on much more adventures these days and you find their tracks going further and further away from the original den site. They have become very relaxed around the game viewers and when we are lucky enough to find them close to the road they give very special sightings, they were recently found on a warthog kill which mom provided.

The hippos are also going through a bit of a change as some of the young bulls are getting sexually matured and the dominant male has pushed them out from the group seeing that they are now becoming a threat in his domain. They join up with the raft every now and then, but for most of the time the two now only have each other to keep company.
With the reserve getting more and more beautiful by the day and the weather becoming extremely pleasant, we are looking forward to a lovely spring time with many more amazing sightings and changes overland in Africa.