It takes a special kind of person to coach sports. You need passion, an understanding of what motivates people, and the patience to develop the talents of those under your care. For those who think they’ve got what it takes, we offer several coaching projects in Africa, one of our most popular of those being rugby coaching in Ghana. Ghana is not yet an IRB member, but the popularity of the sport is growing, and that presents a huge opportunity for budding coaches to get their hands dirty and have an impact on the development of an entire community right from the start.

This project is based in Accra, Ghana’s capital, around which teams are popping up regularly and actively recruiting to grow the sport and develop new talents. As well as working with the local schools to teach this sport to new players, volunteers are also working with these academies to headhunt the best talent and put them in a position where they could one day play for their country. It’s a huge opportunity, not to be missed by anyone serious about coaching as a career. Ghana itself is a stunning place to explore, full of tradition, culture and history. It’s known for its peaceful, friendly people, and boasts great tourist hotspots. Not to mention a population of people whose love for sport is hard to surpass!

“I had an absolutely amazing time! couldn’t have enjoyed it any more! already wishing I chose to do it longer and am hopefully going to do it again next year!” – James Stanion – Rugby Coaching Ghana

Accra Rugby Club

Founded in 1996 and made up of a social mix of locals and expatriates, the club trains at the University of Ghana and is in good health. Though volunteers initially begin their coaching with younger children, and so focus on the fundamentals of passing and tackling, they will also have the chance to work with ARC to develop their scrimmaging, mauling, lineout and set plays, so there’s plenty to stretch your skills.

Outside of the club, Accra is an exciting location to explore. Bars and restaurants often put on authentic African music and dancing for travellers enjoyment, and there are even a few home comforts in the form of western-style pubs if you get a little homesick. Of course, if your passion for sport extends beyond just rugby, a visit to the national stadium to watch a football match with 40,000 others is not to be passed up.

Beyond Accra

Volunteers also travel around Ghana, organising, coaching and participating in different tournaments through the country. These trips are an opportunity to see more of the country, and also extend your net for potential talent. Volunteers also lend their time to schools throughout the region, and are encouraged to help with more than just sport. If you have the time and the willing, giving students the opportunity to benefit from your top-tier education is hugely rewarding and makes an impact on children’s lives beyond sport.

Of course, as with all of our projects, volunteers are never alone. If you decide to give coaching a go you’ll travel out with others with similar interest to you that could become important friends and colleagues as you pursue a career in coaching. Once you arrive in Ghana you’ll be supported by our enthusiastic in-country team, who will make sure you’re never out of your depth and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

You can find out more about the project, or any of our other opportunities here.