As the sun disappears in the west it quiets down on the reserve and the transition from day time into night time is very prominent with the change in sounds. The chirping of birds starts to fade away in the upcoming calls of the jackal, and then the mighty roar of the white lion male, proclaiming his territory and making sure all living things in the bush knows who is the king. He gets answered by the two females from opposite sides of the reserve and then there is silence, not even a cricket dares to make a sound for the next few minutes and then the night choir slowly starts to fill the air.

The sun starts to light up the skies again, sunrise is earlier day after day and it is clear that we are over the half-way mark for the year and that the days are slowly getting longer again. The hippos have really made full use of the weather these days and are being seen basking in the sun out of the water more than usual seeing that the sun is not too hot for them to handle this time of the year.

We are also seeing more and more flowers starting to come up, although not in big numbers yet, it is always nice to see the colour coming through the bush and we cannot wait to see it in full bloom in a couple of months’ time.

All of our latest additions to the reserve are all doing very well and we still have very big expectations for the rest of the season in terms of the sightings and experiences we have to offer overland in Africa.

Bush Regards