It is clear that the seasons are changing over again at Pumba Game Reserve, with nightfall already at 18H00 and only seeing the sunrise after seven the next morning. The animals are also aware of the fresh air in the mornings and it tends to take them a bit longer than usual to show themselves in the mornings.

There is however some animals that showed themselves a couple of days ago which got all of us very excited.  On the 26th May 2012 the first sighting of the two new lion cubs was had. It seems to be two normal tawny lion cubs, but none the less we are extremely proud of the lioness giving us yet another litter of little hunting machines. The white lioness and her little girl are also doing wonderful walking around with rounded stomachs most of the time.

The three little hippo calves are also doing great and sightings of these magnificent animals have been absolutely superb, especially if you take the effort and go and look for them on foot, also adding to the excitement a bit.

With nightfall being earlier and earlier we are also seeing a lot more of the nocturnal animals going around. There have been sightings of Aardvark, Porcupine and even Brown Hyena which is always a bonus on a game drive. One of the most interesting spoor found recently are those of Honey Badger which have not been seen yet, but now we know they are definitely here.

Birdlife is also changing with the season and with the absent of most snake species there are a lot more rodents up for grabs and sightings of Black-shouldered Kites and Rock Kestrels have definitely increased.

We are all looking forward to a special winter and hope to have some nice warm sightings to offer through the winter weather.