A quick update from last week on the Shamwari Conservation Experience.

Last week Konrad, Myself and our only two volunteers on the Shamwari Conservation Experience, Maizy and Kayla went to Rippons/Bayethe to find two male cheetahs. Anja, our monitoring person on the Reserve has not picked up their signal for 3 weeks and was scared that they are no longer on the Reserve or that the collar battery has gone plat.
We set out early to look for them. We scanned with the telemetry all day, had to turn around at a point because the rain flooded a few roads and had lunch in the bush. We finally found them at the end of the day. Only picked up a close signal in the far corner of the reserve but it was too mountainous to get to them. A least we know they are still on the reserve.  This just goes to show that monitoring, even with equipment, is not always that easy!