Hi there, It’s me. Gappy.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in touch (please tell me I’ve been missed?) – and quite a lot has happened to say the least. Whilst many exciting adventures have occurred since you last heard from me, I must admit my plans to travel to South Africa did not quite go as expected. In other words, despite agreeing to spend Christmas with Doug, I, er, got a little frightened and I decided to stay at home. This was a mistake of catastrophic proportions I might add, because things well and truly got out of hand. Literally.

My dear friend Doug was of course disappointed with my decision, although I reassured him that I would join him – I just needed to prepare myself. I’ll admit it; my preparation took the form of gin, Mariah Carey, mice and cheese. And lots of it. It wasn’t a good move I know, and unfortunately as a result of this ‘preparation’ my fur did become somewhat strained… and I wasn’t exactly in the position to go out and get some elasticated jeans. The infamous ‘festive bulge’ indeed left me bulging, and faced with the burden of travelling with a belly that would typically be carried by a heavily pregnant genet, I decided to delay my plans further, to try and ‘repair the damage’ shall we say.

Long story short, I began my own personal journey to get ‘beach body ready’ – and the Atkins diet together with a rather powerful waist trainer, turned out to be quite the success. Anyway, I did eventually travel out to Africa (fitting quite comfortably into my airplane seat I might add) – it just happened later than expected. But you know what they say; good things come to those who wait. Alas, I now write to you from South Africa with the dearest of all dung beetles by my side, ready to share the very first of my adventures with you. Before you read them, I must say they’re not for the faint hearted (please don’t judge) – you’ve been warned!

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