It’s a cool early morning and the wind is blowing strong while the three white lions are all rolling around in elephant dung. Sounds like strange behaviour, but actually this is a dead giveaway that they are looking for their next meal, masking their own predator scent with that of elephant dung. Camouflage complete they start heading directly into the wind, stopping every couple of hundred meters to have a good look and smell around. With such a windy day the animals are very careful, knowing they are at a big disadvantage against the predators that can hind behind the wind.

The plains are quiet and after a couple of failed warthog attempts the lions walk for nearly an hour before they come across the next possible prey.  It’s a herd of impala, very agile and difficult to catch, the lioness assesses the situation but suddenly she gets distracted, there is a herd of wildebeest on the other side of the valley, one of her favourite targets, especially when the male is walking with them and bigger prey is required. She sneaks of to the left and disappears into the Acacia and Euclea thicket. Suddenly she appears 30m behind them and they all take off in a cloud of dust. Every now and then you can see wildebeest and a white flash behind them moving through the openings in the thicket. They turn onto a big animal pathway and come hurdling down the slope, the next moment there is just dust everywhere as the male lion launches himself from the side straight into the stampeding herd, making direct contact with one of the herd members. As the dust settles the lioness comes trotting down the slope towards the male standing over his prize still clamped in his teeth, suffocating the antelope for the feast to begin. An absolute magical sighting witnessed by two of the rangers and their guests filling all with big enthusiasm for the coming summer months where there is promise for more of these spectacular views.