These days it is harder than ever to impress future employers because of how competitive the work world has become. To set yourself apart from the masses and get some amazing veterinary work experience, the Shamwari Game Reserve offers some of the best programmes in the world.

Many students can’t wait to participate in the Shamwari Reserve’s Vet Eco Experience. While learning valuable veterinary wildlife practices, you will also be exposed to Shamwari’s award-winning techniques for wildlife management, ecology and conservation. This specific veterinary work experience will shine on your CV because the Shamwari Game Reserve is one of the foremost safari and conservation reserves in the world.

Students who go into this experience with an open mind get the most out of their trip. Experts will provide students with veterinary work experience conducting post mortems of animals, passive techniques of capturing a variety of species, hot to dart rhino, and track cheetahs and leopards with telemetry equipment. These opportunities are unique to Africa, but will give you a skill base that you can use wherever you end up.

The Shamwari Reserve is located on the Eastern Cape, and was the baby of Alan Gardiner. The original Reserve was only 1,200 hectares and has now grown to over 25,000. Through his leadership and inspiration, the Shamwari has become one of the leading game reserves with an amazingly dedicated staff of 325 people. The emphasis of the reserve is on conservation and ecology, but it does offer some safaris.

After completing your stint at Shamwari, veterinary schools or future employers will commend your initiative and adventurous spirit. Going to Africa is not for everyone, but those who decide they can handle it will not regret it. There are endless opportunities to learn all about animal conservation from experts and you will get the chance to work directly with the animals on the reserve. This veterinary work experience will leave you familiar with wild game in a capacity that is not conceivable to anyone who hasn’t been to Africa.