At the Shamwari Game Reserve, the staff is dedicated to protect and care for endangered animals, specifically elephants, that roam the African lands. For an animal lover, the opportunity to interact with these amazing creatures is a no brainer. Gap Africa Projects volunteers come back from their time at Shamwari with a new appreciation for animals, and also for conservation. This program has all the great aspects of a gap year that Gap Africa Projects guarantees, but also takes participants on an adventure like nothing experienced before.

Helping the Reserve

At the Shamwari Game Reserve, you will be involved in countless projects that all go towards the care and support of the endangered elephants. Volunteers will see every aspect of a job on a game reserve, without disrupting the lives of local communities of course.  The staff at Shamwari works individually and in teams to stop the extinction of these amazing animals native to Africa from going extinct. Game Monitoring is one of the most important parts of this job. By the end of their time, Gap Africa Projects volunteers will be able to identify individual animals and compile data that by be used by the conservation team to help continue the fight to save these majestic animals.

A Rewarding and Fun Education

If you are looking into a programme through Gap Africa Projects, you obviously don’t want a regular gap year experience. While volunteering at the Shamwari Game Reserve, you will be able to directly interact with the elephants. Countless volunteers have returned from their time with stories about how they really connected with the smart animals, each with their own personality. Many people don’t think about how these elephants act on a daily basis, they each have a character all their own, from playful to naughty, and have a number of tricks up their sleeves.

This is why Gap Africa loves making these connections; students get a chance to get out of their comfort bubble and truly gain a new perspective about the world. Africa has always been a destination for wildlife enthusiasts, but through this programme you can connect with these amazing animals and who knows, they may change your life. Many of our volunteers end up committing to a life-long mission helping endangered species, not just elephants. What could be a more rewarding goal?