It’s been a while since we have posted about out exciting Marine Conservation project in the Western Cape of South Africa.


The project allows those amongst you that are fascinated and passionate about the ocean to get involved with some great research projects, one of which is to take care and collect food for baby seahorses at the centre. The purpose is to nurture these amazing creatures, that were born in captivity to adulthood and release them back to aquariums thus stopping any further of the species being plucked from the sea by interested aquariums. A job well done by the ORCA volunteers.

Also last month the ORCA volunteers were treated to a rare sighting of African Penguins in the bay. This may not sound too strange but the nearest colony is over 300km away so quite unusual but amazing none the less!


Finally check out one of the most impressive photos we have seen for some time, one the ORCA volunteers was treated to a rare and precious moment as a bottle nose dolphin moves in for a closer look! Simply Amazing!

To find out more about this great project click here and wildlife training.