Weekly diary

We tracked lions with the telemetry device by which the volunteer facilitator, Lizl, uses an arial and radio to locate the location of the lions and we travel to see them and whiteness their behaviors. This was particularly exciting as the lions were easily visible and close to the vehicle so great for getting those much wanted holiday photos. Other activities include driving the fences to spot any damages after the heavy rain.

At 1.30am on Tuesday we head out onto the main reserve to do a shift of anti-poaching as the reserve was on high alert. This involved sitting in the dark and watching for any lights and listening for any unusual sounds that may mean the Rhino’s are in danger. At 6am we came home and slept. In the afternoon we head out for a short game drive and later to see the lions as the sun set.

After tracking the lions, we head to the main reserve to do some birding and saw many different species (at least 30!) in just a couple of hours.  Whilst on the reserve we also had the opportunity to see other animals such as zebra and buffalo. We were even lucky enough to get metres away from two Rhino’s bathing in the sun.

The day begun once again with lion tracking and close sightings of their lifestyle. We then head over to Isipho children’s orphanage and day care where we got paired up with some children and did some quick litter picking on the land. Afterwards we got to play a few short games with the children before leaving for lunch. After lunch we head back to Isipho to help the older children bead some bracelets to be sold for future funding.

On Friday we set out to track the lions where we were lucky enough to have some very close encounters, after which we then headed off to the main reserve for a game drive where today we weren’t as lucky as we have been in the past and only came across a small amount of animals. On the up side we added a few more bird sightings to our collection.