The thought of spending the afternoon on a boat on the open ocean is usually enough to excite the best of us, however throw in the chance of spotting some of the world’s most majestic sea creatures and it is enough to convince even the weakest stomachs to venture out onto the deep blue yonder.

Imagine how incredible the feeling must be waking each morning faced with this prospect – “What am I going to see today?” Surely nothing can beat kayaking on the open ocean with hundreds of bottle nose dolphins jumping at your side.

The ocean is a majestic place and often brings with it wonder and mystery as to what the depths hide. Fortunately for us Plettenberg Bay offers you the chance to get a pretty good idea. Visit at the right time of year and it is not uncommon to see Southern Rights and Humpback whales breaching the surface only a hundred meters or so from the shore line. Sometimes more menacing foe can be spotted in the form of the white pointer who visit the bay to snack on our resident Cape Fur Seals.

Spending time in this environment is addictive and no wonder ORCA is one of our most popular projects. “I wonder what tomorrow will bring…” is a question that is every volunteer asks.