Leaving school is one of the happiest moments in a person’s life. You’re finally free from bells, timetables, sports days and mandatory assemblies that often feel like one extended monologue.

summer holidays


Once you’re done with what will be one of the best summer holidays of your life, a question prevails; and will most likely come from one or both of your parents’ mouths.

“What next?”

What next


Most people have absolutely no clue and, fresh from a party-hearty summer, this question is one that catches you off-guard. However, there are a few options you can placate the parents with while you search for your lifelong passion.

search for your lifelong passion



Teaching English as a second language is a widespread and popular profession for those who live in English-speaking countries. TEFL or TESOL courses are available online from many accredited institutions and after 140 hours, you will be awarded with a certificate that allows you to teach English as a second language. Once you have been certified, there is a large variety of countries in Europe and Asia to choose from. Popular choices are South Korea and Taiwan as they have a large need for English teachers.


For those who enjoy the life of a mariner, there is no better way to earn some cash and travel than by working on private yachts. A quick practical and theory course available in your hometown that will get you certified as a skipper. The yachts you’ll most likely work on will be plush models that sail through the luxury Mediterranean and although you’ll have to get up early; you’ll travel through Europe.


Animal work experience in Africa

Often, the biggest draw card in picking an after-school activity is the promise of sun, sea and parties. However, for the person with the compassionate heart and a wanderlust for wild, untamed landscapes, Africa is the top choice. By devoting your time to a worthwhile cause, such as veterinary work experience on a game reserve, you will stand more of a chance of realising what career you’ll want to get into and experience the added bonus of learning about an entirely new culture.

learning new culture


Gap Africa Projects specialises in offering people of all ages the chance to experience Africa’s wildlife and way of life, contact them to find that suits your travelling needs and environmental conscience.