More and more people are deciding to take extended leave in order to travel the globe and take part in exciting and meaningful projects. Whether it is a gap year between studies or in the form of a career break or sabbatical it is this time that people choose to discover the world beyond the realms of the normal tourist. If you are one of these people that want a little more than the regular beach holiday, then a wildlife conservation experience working with animals is an ideal trip for you.

Contribute to conservation work

Conservation work with animals is a great way to put something back and contribute to wildlife conservation in a positive way. So not only is a conservation trip ideal for those animal lovers among you, it also helps to protect endangered species from extinction and thus maintaining these species for future generations. Although your time spent on a wildlife experience may only be relatively short your individual contribution is still an important cog in the worldwide conservation of wildlife. Not only this, but you will also return home with a new passion and understanding which you can pass on to friends, family and colleagues which helps to spread the word of conservation.

A great addition to you CV

Taking a gap year or sabbatical used to be viewed as a waste of time, with many peers advising students to get out and get a job or continue with their studies. However in this day and age a Gap Year is often seen in a more positive light and can actually make a great addition to your CV. Now, a Gap Year sitting on the beach for six months may not be the best character building experience, however choosing to work with animals on a conservation project certainly will be. Many universities and possible employers are looking for hands on experience as well as just qualifications. By taking a gap year working with animals you may get the vital experience that will put you ahead of the competition, it will also prove your maturity to make the decision to partake on an ethical and responsible trip.

The Experience of a Lifetime

This may sound like a cheesy cliché, but in fact it is almost guaranteed that a wildlife conservation trip working with animals will certainly be a truly life changing experience.

Many people who did not take a gap year or do not have the chance to take a sabbatical will often muse that “they wish they had done something like that”. Whilst you have the opportunity to travel the world and partake in some unique experiences you may as well do just that. Conservation work with animals in Africa will certainly introduce you to some incredibly exciting and unique experiences that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Not only do you return with many memories of amazing experiences you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you made a genuine contribution to global conservation.

So what are you waiting for, it must be time to start planning your wildlife conservation experience to work with animals in Africa.