Packing for you holiday is often an arduous task for even the most experienced of travellers. What if it’s hot, what if it’s cold and heaven forbid what if it rains? Trying to cater for all conditions is a tall order and has left many people sitting on their suitcase trying painstakingly to get the zip done up.

Imagine the dilemma people face when choosing to pack for their gap year project! This is not your usual two weeks on the beach, for this could be life changing experiences every day for the next 12 months. It is not just the weather conditions you need to consider but questions such as will I be trekking up a mountain, will I be diving with sharks, will I be working in a local community where the nearest shop is 4 hours away? – these are the types of questions you may ask in preparation for your gap year project, yet you need to cram everything into the same space you would for a two week get away.

The best thing to keep in mind when you ask these questions is what is the absolute bare essentials I need to survive on my gap year project? If you are looking for a rural, rustic experience, two types of conditioner probably wouldn’t be what you would class as essential items. And always remember, even if you are going to remotest parts of the world, there will always be food, water and somewhere to sleep – and let’s face it that is what you can class as the bare essentials.