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Whether you’re interested in becoming a vet, training as a game ranger, or simply love animals and want to help with conservation, our projects have been carefully selected to ensure you get the most out of your time in Africa. At Gap Africa Projects, our excellent relationships with various game reserves and other conservation programs will give you hands-on experience working alongside professionals to ensure the continued survival of all the amazing animals that call Africa home.

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Wildlife Conservation

Shamwari Conservation Experience

Shamwari is a fully operational reserve and the experience is based on the requirements of various short and long term projects and the need for assistance by the award winning Conservation Department. The project specialises in wildlife conservation, with a focus on ecology, and environmental education with local community and sporting interactions.

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Equine Management Course

Gap Africa Projects presents a 14-day fieldtrip showcasing applied professional equine management in South Africa.

The aim is to introduce students to some of the leading professionals in the South African equestrian environment. The programme is structured into various modules which can be selected to create a fieldtrip programme that compliments / enriches the formal academic curriculum of the sending academic institution.

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Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC)

Located in Hoedspruit, South Africa, the HESC is dedicated to the survival of rare, vulnerable, and endangered species. In particular the HESC is focused on the survival of cheetahs in South Africa, and the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals. Cheetahs, wild dogs, black footed cats, lions, and sable antelopes are just some of the animals that call the centre their home.

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Kariega Game Reserve

Kariega Game Reserve is an extraordinary and exciting conservation project working with wildlife, at the forefront of numerous species reintroductions and conservation drives. If you want more than just a safari come and get your hands dirty and learn more about conservation management on a Big 5 game reserve in Africa.

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Vet Eco Safari Experience (EMS)

If you’re looking for an experience or placement that will contribute towards and enhance your EMS for Veterinary Science, this program in South Africa is for you. Working alongside wildlife vets, you will study both the practical and theoretical elements of wildlife veterinary medicine and conservation in Africa.

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Pumba Volunteer Conservation Programme

As a student and volunteer on the Pumba Volunteer conservation programme, you will work under the guidance of experienced instructors and professionals in specific fields of biodiversity. You will be exposed to the whole reserve on practical outings, both on foot and by vehicles. There are also informative lectures held throughout the programme, and every volunteer on the course will deepen their understanding of nature through a combination of structured workbooks and team-oriented projects.

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“Pre” Vet Eco Experience

For those students who are sure that veterinary medicine is what they want to study, we offer a unique course at Shamwari Game Reserve. The Pre Vet Eco Experience offers students the opportunity to work alongside Shamwari’s award winning conservation department and pioneering veterinary staff. The program itself is split into both theoretical and practical activities, all based around veterinary science and conservation in relation to African wildlife.

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Game Ranger Training (FGASA Level 1)

If you have a passion for wildlife, and want to turn that into a career, then our FGASA Level 1 Game Ranger course is a must. Featuring intense theoretical and practical training, it provides the best experience for those looking to pursue a career in field guiding. It also serves as an intensive course for those looking to quickly gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be a game ranger.

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3D Wildlife Film School

Are you passionate about wildlife filmmaking? Would you like to learn how to become an independent wildlife filmmaker? If the answer to these questions is YES then our 3D Wildlife Film School is for you! Being the first 3D Wildlife Film School in the world we will not only teach you everything about wildlife filmmaking, we will also give you a one in a lifetime opportunity to make your first short wildlife documentary in 3D.

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Cape Sustain Able Volunteer Program

The Volunteer program “Cape Sustain Able” offers volunteers the opportunity to a shared learning outdoor conservation experience in the Western Cape preserving the fauna and flora. It will allow Volunteers to assist in a number of rehabilitation and conservation activites and interact and interact with local communities.

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Amakhala Volunteer Programme

Constantly monitoring and managing game throughout the year, the Amankhala Game Reserve is the perfect place for volunteers looking to experience and explore Africa and its inhabitants. Based near Paterson in Eastern Cape, South Africa, this project will give you an opportunity to assist behind the scenes on various ongoing conservation projects.

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