If you are hoping to develop a career working with animals, then there are few routes more perfect than working in the veterinary profession. There is a wide variety of roles associated with looking after our furry and feathered friends, and there is something to suit all interests, ages and educational backgrounds. As training is an important aspect of this kind of career, it’s quite possible that you could find yourself progressing through the various roles as your career develops. Here is a brief overview of some of the roles available at a veterinary practice that might be of interest.


This is one of the most popular career choices for younger people who want to establish a career working with animals. This is a role that combines a number of different duties, including helping to keep creatures free of disease and attending to and treating domestic pets and livestock that are in need of medical attention including surgery. This is the big one, only for those really committed and able to afford the investment of time and money required to follow the long hard educational path that all vets must take. However, once you are qualified the training will open plenty of doors for you in the future, allowing you to pursue a career abroad or hold academic posts.

Veterinary Nurse

This is also a great way into a career working with animals. Nurses are an absolutely vital cog in the operation of a veterinary practice. The nurse is responsible for providing information and support to pet owners, and can also be responsible for carrying out minor operations and general care of pets. Nurses need to be qualified, and there are several qualifications available in the U.K. These will help you both develop the required knowledge base and make it much easier to find work.

Nursing Assistant

This is one of the perfect ways of getting into the industry. It’s an important role that involves providing support to the rest of those working with animals in the veterinary practice. This also happens to be an excellent opportunity for those who want to get work experience or the chance to dip their toe in the veterinary water.


It might sound minor, but this is also a vital role. Not only will you be responsible for coordinating appointments and passing on information to the veterinarians, but you’ll be the first port of call for people who might be getting very emotional in face of any good (or sometimes bad) news they receive while their pets are being treated.

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