Gap Africa Projects support Fundu’s Community Development in Port Alfred and allow volunteers to join their sustainable community projects within the local townships.

Latest news from Stenden is that they are finalising their business plans to transform their community development department into the Stenden Foundation. This transition will align their activities with the community and other stakeholders, it will also enable the foundation to access funds that are earmarked for NGO’s.

A recent tour group from Qatar recently joined Stenden for a hands on community development experience. The group raised funds for the building of a preschool in the Shaw Park area and have donated educational materials to another crèche in the Nemato township.

The biggest contribution was made to the John Walton School in Uitenhage where they donated 31 brand new computers to the school in order to start computer classes as part of their curriculum. The new computer centre was opened by Wayne Johnson, president of Stenden University Qatar.

What an amazing contribution from the group, long may this continue.