Northumberland College
Netherlands 2022

Netherlands Primate Park & Zoo Tour

Welcome to the Northumberland College group page. This is the groups  personalise web page for your forthcoming trip to the Netherlands.

The trip features astounding zoo’s and parks, with various specialist areas of study and interest. You’ll see animals in natural environments; the tropical rainforest, the central American desert, an indoor mangrove swamp. You’ll roam free with the primates in large natural forested areas, you’ll take an African type safari in the recreated Savanah and visit the largest living coral reef in Europe.

All of your general documentation relevant to the trip is available to download from here at your own convenience. Documents on this page will be updated as the trip progresses towards departure.

Please note that any personal trip documents, such as invoices, will be emailed to you directly and will not appear on this page. 

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