Responsible Tourism

“Conservation and sustainability is at the core of everything that we do – providing the trusted link between study and ethical action”

Sustainable growth of tourism, and the volunteer projects which accompany them, are something which we have a great passion for at Gap Africa Projects. We’re constantly on the lookout for new partners and enthusiasts that will help us to make even more of a difference.

All of our volunteer projects and adventure trips are focused on providing a life changing experience whilst minimising the negative impact conventional tourism often has on the landscape and wildlife. We’re committed to supporting those community and conservation projects that focus on sustainability, and will positively impact communities for as long as they run. Our projects promote cultural understanding, personal development and the importance of local knowledge. Wherever possible we use local guides and local tour companies to ensure your experience is as genuine as possible.

Our projects are run through local operators and fully support local initiatives.
Many of our projects help support local economies and we always aim to work with community leaders to ensure they contribute to the development of the community.
Conservation is one of our greatest responsibilities as a tour operator, and we are proud to support wildlife reserves in their on-going research and rehabilitation projects.

Carbon Offsetting


Climate change is the most pressing global issue facing us all, with potential for significant community, biodiversity and environmental consequences across the world. To take responsibility for our impact on the climate we are offsetting the carbon emissions from our business through ClimateCare.

ClimateCare is an organisation that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals. These reductions are made through a range of projects around the world that not only make real reductions in carbon emissions, but also make a difference to people’s lives.

To find out more about ClimateCare and emission reduction projects, visit

Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Whatever your reason for travelling abroad, you’re sure to want a trouble free trip. Many of the things that often go wrong for travellers can be prevented or made less stressful by taking a few simple precautions. So it makes sense to spend a little time getting prepared before you travel – you could save yourself a lot of problems later on.

With this in mind, we are working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to help British nationals stay safe abroad. The FCO website offers straightforward travel advice, top tips and up to date country information to help you plan your holiday.

Tips include:

  • Make sure you have valid travel insurance, even if you’re only planning a short trip.
  • Visit your GP at least 6 weeks before you travel to get any vaccinations you might need.
  • Read up on your destination, including local laws and customs.
  • Make photocopies of your passport, visas and insurance details and leave a copy with a relative or friend at home.
  • Register with the FCO’s LOCATE service to tell them where you’re travelling to so the embassy and crisis staff can provide better assistance in an emergency such as a tsunami or terrorist attack.
  • You can also find handy checklists to use before you set off and whilst you’re away.

Plus it’s worth reading up on what the local British Consulate can do to help you if you run into problems abroad – and what they can’t do.

For all this and more information, visit the FCO website.

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